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Reliance Jio at the 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) on Monday announced the launch of the 4K-supported Jio Set-Top Box that will enable newer entertainment and gaming experiences. The new set-top box is touted to accept the broadcast cable TV signals from local cable operators (LCOs). Additionally, the Mumbai-headquartered company showed off at its AGM that the Jio Set Top Box is capable of delivering console-like gaming using Jio Fiber service. The company also demonstrated its developments towards mixed reality (MR).

3 years ago Jio launched Jio Welcome offer where they have offered free unlimited Data and Calling for 3 months so Now to take over broadband industry Jio will launch Jio Fiber Welcome Offer. Jio is gonna offer Free Data Plans with Free 4K TVs and 4K Tv Set-Top Box with Some selected plans.

Jio Fiber Plan Prices

jio set top box ril agm Jio Set Top Box

Jio Fiber will launch commercially on 5th September 2019 so the plans will be range from Rs.700 to Rs.10000. The Set-top box and TVs will be a bundle with some selected plans. These plans range with 100mbps – 1gbps data transfer speed.

JIO Fiber Welcome Offer

Jio Has Announced Jio Fiber Welcome Offer For Subscribers Who Select Jio Giga Fiber Annual Plan. This Offer Will Be Available For Limited Time. But If You Grab The Jio Fiber Welcome Offer The Jio Will Give You Free Smart Set Top Box & HD LED Tv Or 4K LED Tv Apart From Jio Giga Fiber. We Have Added Details For Jio Smart Set-Top Box.

JIO Fiber Speeds

JioFiber Will Support 4K Streaming as You Can Expect The Speed at least 100 Mbps. Though, Speed Will Depend Upon Different Plans & Users Can Select 1Gbps Plans Too.

Set-top Box for JIO Fiber

This Jio Fiber Welcome Plan, Will Also Have Jio Smart Set Top Box Included With Jio Giga Fiber.  With The Help Of This Jio Smart Set Top Box, Users Can Make Free HD Video Calling On Any Smartphone, Tablet Or Other Jio Gigafiber Enabled Smart TVs. Also, This Smart Jio Set Top Box Will Have Gaming Console Like Features & It Will Support HD Gaming Like FIFA19. It Will Comes With In-built Graphics card, So You can Play HD Gaming Like PS4 And Xbox. Reliance Jio is working with all leading game publishers, including Tencent, Gameloft, and Microsoft among others, revealed Isha Ambani. The company is also in plans to provide “India’s first multiplayer online network” to gamers through the Jio Set Top Box.

Jio First Day First Subscription Plan

Also, for the first time in India, we are introducing a disruptive concept for watching new movies. Premium JioFiber customers will be able to watch movies in their living rooms the same day these movies are released in theaters. We call this Jio first-day-first-show. We plan to launch this service in the middle of 2020,” Ambani said at the AGM.

Other Products announce on AGM 2019

jio games set top box ril agm Jio Set Top Box  Reliance Jio  Jio

The set-top box also supports mixed reality (MR) via headsets, which lets you create a 3D hologram of yourself to select clothes you want to purchase, for example. Another example of MR use cases is to learn about the solar system, or having an immersive movie-watching experience. The MR device Jio showed on stage is called the Jio HoloBoard which has been designed by a company called Tesseract that Reliance had acquired earlier, and it’ll be available in the market soon at an affordable price, the company said.

Reliance made some huge announcements today during its Reliance Annual General Meeting (AGM). One of those big announcements is that the company will soon offer unlimited ISD calling service from Jio landlines to the US and Canada. The monthly subscription fee for this plan is to be a mere Rs 500.

RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani says that with this plan, Jio is launching the lowest fixed-line rates for international calling anywhere in the world.

How to Apply With Preview Offer (Online/Offline)


Jio Fiber Welcome Offer Will Launch Commercially From 5th September Along With Jio GigaFiber Service.

  1. You Have to Visit The Official Reliance Xpress Mini Stores, Jio Store To Claim This Offer.
  2. You Need To Fill Out The Form For This Offer
  3. Also, You Need To Purchase Any Jio Fiber Annual Plan To Enroll Into This Jio Fiber Welcome Offer.
  4. Jio Will Send You Freebies Later at Your Home Or You Can Grab Free 4K TV and 4k Set Top Box From Jio Stores.
  5. Once your order, You will Get New Jio Fiber Connection and it will be installed on your home.


  1. Visit on 5th September & you can apply for it .

What Will Be Included In Jio Fiber Welcome Offer?

User Will Get :

  • Free Jio GigaFiber Service With At least 100 Mbps Speed (Depends Upon Your Plan)
  • Free HD LED TV of 4K LED TV
  • Free Jio Smart Set Top Box
  • International Free Video Calling (Depends Upon Your Plan)
  • Free Access To All Jio Apps Including Jio Movies & Jio TV
  • Free TV Channels
  • Jio will be bundled with some of the most popular OTT Platforms. They could be Hotstar, Netflix or zee5.

Jio Fiber subscribers will get other mobile service called – Postpaid Plus. It will offer SIM set-up service at home, family plans with data sharing, international roaming, and phone upgrades at preferential rates.

We Are Adding More Details For Jio Fiber Welcome Offer….



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